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Mobil Primol N 382/Mobil Primol N382/MobilPrimol N382/美孚Primol N382/美孚Primol N382
Primol N 382
Medicinal grade White Oil
Product Description
Primol N 382 is a purified mixture of liquid saturated hydrocarbons. It is a colourless, transparent oily liquid and is essentially odourless and tasteless. It is obtained from petroleum through several refining stages, including an ultimate purification by catalytic hydrogenation. Primol N 382 contains 5 ppm food-grade alpha-tocopherol (vitamin E) as an oxidation inhibitor.

Primol N 382 is manufactured to exceed the purity requirements of the Pharmacopoeias Due to its superior chemical inertness, it demonstrates better colour and oxidative stability than most mineral and vegetable oils, when stored and used under controlled conditions.

ExxonMobil White Oils are produced and controlled according to the ExxonMobil Product Quality Management System, EN ISO 9000 or equivalent standard.


Primol N 382 can be used in a variety of food-related, cosmetic and pharmaceutical applications subject to the applicable laws and regulations in each country (*).


Primol N 382 is recommended as a food packaging-grade plasticizer in Polystyrene. It combines outstandingly low volatility and excellent compatibility with Polystyrene for optimal performance in General Purpose and High Impact PS grades.

Primol N 382 is recommended for use as an external lubricant for non-plasticized PVC.

Primol N 382 is an inert and protective catalyst carrier for polypropylene processes. It can also serve as a pigment powder dispersant in master batch compounding.

Elastomers and Adhesives

Primol N 382 is used for producing food-contact or medical rubber articles, such as EPDM or butyl rubber. It is particularly well suited for the extension of Thermoplastic Elastomers (TPE), such as SBS, SEBS or SEPS. Primol N 382 is also recommended for Hot-Melt Adhesives formulations used in sanitary products.

Cosmetics and Pharmaceuticals

Primol N 382 has many well-established applications in the pharmaceutical industry, like laxative jellies and ointments, and is also recommended as a component for many cosmetic products, such as creams and body lotions.

Further detailed information is available in our bulletin White oils for Cosmetics.

(*) User must check compliance with applicable regulations. As an example, at the date of this publication, Primol N 382 is not considered as medicinal grade white oil in Japan. It cannot be used in Pharmaceutical applications in this country unless additional regulatory requirements are met.    

Properties and Specifications
Primol N 382 meets the requirements of the following specifications:

USA FDA, 21 CFR 172.878 and 21 CFR 178.3620(a),  White Mineral Oil
US Pharmacopeia, most recent edition, Mineral Oil
National Sanitation Foundation (NSF), registration number 132492
European Directive for plastic materials into contact with food, 2002/72/EC , White Mineral Oil
The Japan's Specifications and Standards for Food additives, Liquid Paraffin
(*): Primol N 382 does not comply with the Liquid Paraffin definition of the European Pharmacopoeia due to the addition of an oxidation inhibitor.

CAS number: 8042-47-5

EINECS number: 232-455-8

INCI name (Europe): Paraffinum Liquidum

CTFA Dictionary name (USA): Mineral Oil

Typical values may vary within modest ranges and specifications may be subject to change.

Property Test Method Typical Min Max
Appearance Visual - Clear and Bright Clear and Bright
Odor Olfactory - Absent Absent
Color, Saybolt ASTM D 156 - + 30 -
Kinematic Viscosity @ 40°C, mm?/s ASTM D 445 - 67.0 78.0
Kinematic Viscosity @ 100°C, mm?/s ASTM D 445 - 8.6 -
Density @ 15?C, kg/m? ASTM D 4052 - 863 873
Pour Point, ?C ASTM D 97 - - -9
Flash Point, ?C ASTM D 92 - 240 -
Refractive Index, nD?? ASTM D 1218 - 1.473 1.478
Average Molecular Weight ASTM D 2502 - 485 -
Hydroc. with 25 carbons and less, wt % ASTM D 2887 - - 3
Volatility @ 10 mm Hg, temp (°C) at which 2.5 % off ASTM D 1160 284 - -
Volatility @ 10 mm Hg, temp (°C) at which 5 % off ASTM D 1160 291 288 -
Volatility @ 10 mm Hg, temp (°C) at which 10 % off ASTM D 1160 295 292 -
Carbon Type, % and Paraffinic / Naphthenic / Aromatic ASTM D 2140 67 / 33 / 0 - -

Health and Safety
Detailed health and safety information for this product is provided in the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS), available upon request through your local sales representative or from ExxonMobil.com

Storage and Handling

Recommended storage and handling procedures for ExxonMobil white oil products are summarised in a separate bulletin available upon request through your local sales representative or from ExxonMobil.com


Further Information

ExxonMobil supplies a range of white oils, process oils, waxes, bitumen and a full range of other lubricants, fuels and chemical products worldwide. Please contact your local ExxonMobil representative, or contact us at ExxonMobil.com, for more information on other products.


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      Primol N 382
Primol N 382是一種純化的液態飽和碳氫化合物的混合物。 這是一種無色、透明的油性液體,本質上無嗅無味。 白油產自石油,經過若干煉製階段,包括通過最後的催化加氫提純。 Primol N 382含 5 ppm 食品級阿爾法-生育酚 (維他命 E) 作為氧化抑制劑。

Primol N 382 的生產超過了藥典對純度的要求。由於具有出色的化學惰性,在控制得當的條件下存放和使用時,該產品的顏色和氧化穩定性優於大多數礦物油和植物油。

ExxonMobil 白油是按照ExxonMobil 產品品質管制系統、EN ISO 9000或同等標準生產及監控的。


Primol N 382可根據各國相關法律和規定用於各種與食品相關的、化妝品和醫藥用途(*)。


Primol N 382 推薦用作聚苯乙烯中的食品包裝級增塑劑。 該產品具有極低的揮發性和出色的聚苯乙烯相容性,可在普通和高抗沖級聚苯乙烯中發揮極佳性能。 Primol N 382 推薦用作非塑化PVC 的外部潤滑劑。 Primol N 382 是聚丙烯工藝中的惰性和保護性催化劑載體。 該產品還可用作母料混合時顏料粉的分散劑 。


Primol N 382用於生產接觸食品的或醫用橡膠產品,如三元乙丙橡膠或丁基橡膠。 該產品尤其適用於熱塑彈性體(TPE)的延伸如SBS、SEBS 或SEPS。 Primol N 382還推薦用於衛生產品的熱熔黏合劑配方中 。


Primol N 382 在製藥產業中有許多久經實踐證明的應用 ,如鬆弛膠和油膏,還推薦用作許多化妝品的成份,如面霜和潤膚液。 進一步詳細資料可參閲我們的化妝品白油通報。

(*) 用戶必須檢查是否符合相關規管要求定。 這方面的一個例子是,迄至本資料發表時, Primol N 382 在日本不被認作醫藥級白油. 除非滿足額外的規範要求,否則該產品在這個國家不能用於醫藥用途。    

Primol N 382 符合以下規格要求:

USA FDA、 21 CFR 172.878 和 21 CFR 178.3620(a),白礦油
國家衛生基金會(NSF),登記號 132492
(*): Primol N 382 因加有氧化抑制劑而 不符合歐洲藥典關於液體石蠟的定義 。

CAS 編號: 8042-47-5

EINECS編號: 232-455-8

INCI名稱(歐洲): 液體石蠟 

CTFA 詞典名稱(美國): 礦物油

特性 檢測方法 典型值 最小 最大
外觀 目視 - 透明清亮 透明清亮
氣味 嗅法 - 無 無
色度(賽波特) ASTM D156 - + 30 -
運動黏度 @ 40 °C, mm2/s ASTM D445 - 67.0 78.0
運動黏度 @ 100 °C, mm2/s ASTM D445 - 8.6 -
密度 @ 15 °C, kg/m3 ASTM D4052 - 863 873
傾點,?C ASTM D97 - - - 9
閃點,?C ASTM D92 - 240 -
折光率,nD20 ASTM D1218 - 1.473 1.478
平均分子量 ASTM D2502 - 485 -
碳原子不超過25 個碳化氫,重量% ASTM D2887 - - 3
揮發性 @10 mm Hg,溫度 (°C ) 2.5 % 損失 ASTM D1160 284 - -
揮發性 @10 mm Hg,溫度 (°C ) 5 % 損失 ASTM D1160 291 288 -
揮發性 @10 mm Hg,溫度 (°C ) 10 % 損失 ASTM D1160 295 292 -
碳型, % 石蠟烴 /環烷烴 / 芳香烴 ASTM D2140 67 / 33 / 0 - -


健康與安全 本產品詳細健康與安全資料列於材料安全數據表(MSDS),可向ExxonMobil當地銷售代表或上網ExxonMobil.com索取。


ExxonMobil 白油產品的建議存放和操作程序另貴纳於另外的通報中,可向ExxonMobil當地銷售代表或上網ExxonMobil.com索取。



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Due to continual product research and development, the information contained herein is subject to change without notification. Typical Properties may vary slightly.

Copyright ? 2001-2013 Exxon Mobil Corporation.  All rights reserved.

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